A brief CV in English



Andrea Riemer has been a prolific, well-known writer and author, focusing on basic issues of life and existential issue. Additionally, she is a highly regarded webtexter. Within this variety of expression. Andrea consciously withdraws herself from well-known templates.

Andrea draws on an exceptional academic career with a double promotion in economics and military science, plus a habilitation in military science and an honorary professorship (since 2008). Additionally she spent some 20 years in leadership training (academic and professional level).

Moreover, she has a vast international teaching record, since she was active as a university teacher from 1989 through to 2014 (up to the PhD-level). Additionally, she designed a number of academic programs and accompanied the national accreditation process.

Andrea led some 25 international research projects. Additionally, she took over a number of leadership positions, such as being the founder of the first private consulting company on security issues in Austria; Academic Dean of International University Vienna; head of institute of Institute for Strategy and Security Policy at the National Defense Academy/Federal Ministry of Defense, Austria; inventor of Strategic Gamings. Andrea has been a female pioneer in those fields.

Furthermore, she draws on ample and varied consulting and coaching activities (1992 - 2020), be it in the realm of companies, military-related tasks, scientific tasks, and on the personal level (1997 - 2020).

Andrea has a rich volume of scientific publications and lectures (more than 250). Additionally, she wrote more than 30 books. In the past 5 years she focused on essays regarding burning societal questions.

Additionally, Andrea Riemer has been trained in classical singing, and elocation. Furthermore, she received extensive voice training. Those skills were received on a personal and private base and enhance Andrea’s skills. Apart from her university education and her professional experience, Andrea shows a years-lasting interest in old philosophical thinkers and eastern approaches such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki, meditation, Zen, shamanism, classical philosophy, psychology, and quantum philosophy. She has integrated many of her findings into her personal approach to self-leadership and leadership, mindfulness and consciousness.

Today, she playfully connects her scientific and academic expertise with her reach experience in life, old spiritual knowledge and digital requirements in a unique manner. Andrea is considered a catalyst for change and a creative non-conformist. She continuously dedicated herself to know ideas and is an openminded, curious personality. Her path has been quite unusual so far. She has been showing that change from the bottom of the heart and with a substantial portion of intellectual faculties is definitely within reach.


An extensive CV in English, including professional step-stones, publications, lectures, a record of teaching, and artistic activities is available on demand. Please contact: office@andrea-riemer.de