A Brief CV in English

... Scientist, Author, Poet, Digital Nerd, Spiritual Person ... One of a Kind 


I was always interested in more than just one area. Science, art, intellectuality, spirituality. And – I always wanted to go off the beaten track. I was never interested in disciplinary boundaries. I found them boring. I still find the complementary nature of approaches much more interesting.

For a long time my focus oscilated. Maybe because I realized that this was what was expected of me.

I no longer wanted to live up to these expectations in the second half of my life. Why? I had exhausted the academic possibilities and achieved two doctorates, a habilitation and an associate honorary professorship.

It was time to move on. It was made very easy for me. No one considered the consequences.

I knew and know deep inside me: everyone has an individual mission. Recognizing and implementing it – that fascinated and challenged me. I was always interested in the singular, the particular, the individual. Only then is it possible for me to be myself. That's exactly what I always wanted deep down inside me.

Then academic titles, degrees and awards also count, but they are no longer the focus. They no longer define me. They are part of my path. The use of scientific methods has supported my writing for years. They give me the structure to be mentally free.

However, my identity as an author and video podcaster comes from other sources that are beyond what you would expect. Because “man” is no longer a category for me.  

This required a long journey to becoming an author, podcaster and video podcaster in the wide and diverse field of consciousness and spirituality.

Did I walk with my head held high? Often, but not always. It wasn't always easy either. Discipline, dedication, sticking to an idea and being convinced of it, being able to be alone, thinking and acting against the rest of the world, being able to endure intrigue and envy and knowing that you are with yourself in moments of greatest success.

Life as an author, podcaster and video podcaster is a single exposure, a constant personal liberation, a departure from apparent comfort zones, a lasting growth.

This needs to be lived, described and discussed. That is my ambition. I have been doing this in my work for decades, and I will continue in doing so. As an irreconcilable different thinker. As an author, as a video podcaster and increasingly less as a pure podcaster.

It is obvious that my own style crystallizes. The fact that print and digital complement each other and that other stylistic devices such as photos are added. It happens because I allow it to happen. Why should I limit myself to one area? This contradicts me and my approach to life.

My position on Artificial Intelligence and its applic ation in intellectual and artistic writing is critical, yet open. Too much is still uncharted waters. Too much is not yet properly regulated. Intellectual property is an undebateable issue for me as a writer, podcaster and videopodcaster. Freedom can never be executed at the expense of others.

Judgments and evaluations from others have lost their meaning for me and my work. They are nice to have for me or I ignore them to staying on my path.

For me, the old performance mindset is irrelevant at the breaking point of time. What a gift!


 My motto: Live the original freely.




Andrea Riemer has been writing regularly in German and English for many years.

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