A Brief CV in English

... Scientist, Author, Poet, Digital Nerd, Spiritual Person ... One of a Kind 


Andrea Riemer has been one of the most experienced authors for many years, who consciously transcends the intellectual, scientific and spiritual realms in her work. She is widely considered a one of a kind with her huge oeuvre of publications. 

Contentwise, she has dealt with cycles, change of societies, large systems and possible reasons for them for more than 30 years. No matter be it scientific, be it artistic or be it spiritual. Her scientific work is considered to be pioneering work, especially in the area of transformation within orders.

Currently, she is considered to be one of the first and most innovative authors in German-speaking countries, who combines intellectual, spiritual and digital issues to new content and formats. Andrea is widely considered one of the few authors of the new era, who likes to overcome boundaries in her work and invent new perspectives and paths.

Andrea builds her work as an author on a 30-years international career as a scientist and advisor for security policy and strategy. She holds degrees in economics (doctorate) and military science (Ph.D. and habilitation). She is also an associate honorary professor of the National University of Public Service (Budapest, former Zrinyi Miklos Defense University). Andrea has advised numerous executives in various industries for almost 25 years.

Moreover, she has a vast international teaching record. From 1989 to 2014, she was active as a university teacher (up to the PhD-level). Additionally, she designed a number of academic programs and accompanied the national accreditation process. Her lecture repertoire permeats the issues indicated., lasting equally from 1989 to 2014.  

Andrea led some 25 international research projects.

Moreover, she took over various leadership positions, such as being the founder of the first private consulting company on security issues in Austria; Academic Dean of International University Vienna; Head of institute of Institute for Strategy and Security Policy at the National Defense Academy/Federal Ministry of Defense, Austria; inventor of Strategic Gamings. 
Andrea has been a female pioneer in those fields.

In 2012, Andrea quit her academic positions to become an author and writer. Until 2020, she did some leadership mentoring, which she finished at the end of 2019.


Andrea always had several ways of expression, be it intellectual, be it artistic, be it spiritual. For her, those tags are more for public distinction than a guideline for her work. 

After years in which she also worked artistically and had her own radio show, she currently focuses on her work as an author and writer. Her repertoire includes non-fiction books, novels, digital essays, and free-poetic texts. Andrea also is an experienced podcast host. 


Meanwhile, Andrea is one of the very few intellectual, artistic and spiritual writers, being capable of digital writing. 


As an author, Andrea intertwins intellectuality, science, art, digital and ancient knowledge in her very solitary way.

Her motto as an author:
Live your own original freely.

If you want to know more about Andrea’s meanwhile 16 literary books, her 20 specialist/text books, some 300 online articles, roughly 140 print articles, her 90 lectures (excluding academic lectures within the university mode), and the 140 readings and reading concerts (as of the end of 2021), please contact office@andrea-riemer.de


Andrea Riemer has been writing regularly in German and English for many years.