On Andrea Riemer in English 

... Scientist, Writer, Mindcoach ...



Andrea Riemer has been a writer, consultant and coach for more than 20 years. After a double-track career, she finished her almost 25 years lasting international academic and military path (specialized in security issues and strategy) in Austria and changed to Berlin/GER in mid 2012. There, she re-started her personal and professional path, by dedicating herself to writing, consulting and coaching on the following topics.

  • Time quality as framework für societal activities and cycles - understanding current ongoings by looking behind the veil.
  • Women and feminity on the way into the New Times - rediscovering basics and balancing them inside-out. 
  • Partnerships and relations ... no myth, but reality; just to know how.
  • Frequencing, manifestation ... a new approach to create what you really want.

Andrea skillfully intertwins intellectuality, spirituality and her ample experience with humor and target-orientation. Thereby, she has been transcending numerous disciplinary borders. She went behind well-known horizons in her work. 


The core motif of her work:

Life is always on our side ... we just have to see it properly.


Andrea Riemer draws on an in-depth interdisciplinary academic education and ample experience in leadership. Her career has been considered as unique in the German-speaking area. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration, Vienna University of Economics and Business (1992); a Ph.D. in Military Technology Sciences, Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University, Budapest, Hungary (summa cum laude; # 1 of the year with 100%); a Dr. habil. from Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University in Budapest; summa cum laude (100% of achievable points); focus: Military Studies/Security Theories (2011). Furthermore, she has been awarded an Associate Honorary Professorship by Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University (2008). It was confirmed and extended by the University of National Public Service, Budapest (successor of Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University, Budapest) in 2012.

Moreover, she has a vast international teaching record, since she was active as a university teacher from 1989 through to 2014 (up to the PhD-level). Additionally, she designed a number of academic programs and accompanied the national accreditation process. Andrea is one of the online seminar pioneers in the German speaking area. She has offered this type of seminars sind 2009 on a continuous basis. 

Andrea led some 25 international research projects. Additionally, she took over a number of leadership positions, such as being the founder of the first private consulting company on security issues in Austria; Academic Dean of International University Vienna; head of institute of Institute for Strategy and Security Policy at the National Defense Academy/Federal Ministry of Defense, Austria; inventor of Strategic Gamings. Andrea has been a female pioneer in those fields.

Furthermore, she can draw on ample and varied consulting and coaching activities (since 1992), be it in the realm of companies, military-related tasks, scientific tasks, and on the personal level (since 1997 - self-leadership; leadership).

Andrea has a rich volume of scientific publications and lectures (more than 250). Additionally, she wrote more than 30 books (order analysis, strategy, security-related issues; leadership, self-leadership, crisis management, dealing with existential crisis etc.). Since 2012, she draws on a rich oeuvre of essays on your new topics. By 2020, she wrote more than 200 essays, thereby intertwinning spirituality, intellectuality, mindfulness and consciousness. 

Additionally, Andrea Riemer has been trained in classical singing, and elocation. Furthermore, she received extensive voice training. Those skills were received on a personal and private base and enhance Andrea’s skills.

Apart from her university education and her professional experience, Andrea shows a years-lasting interest in old philosophical thinkers and eastern approaches such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki, meditation, Zen, shamanism, classical philosophy, psychology, and quantum philosophy. She integrated many of her findings into her approach to self-leadership and leadership, mindfulness and consciousness.

Andrea’s current scope of work is manifold. She writes books (in a more literary style with a strong indepth spiritual background and a lot of practical advice), essays (exclusively for spirit-online.de, the largest german-speaking online magazine for counselling in various areas of life).

Additionally, she has produced her weekly radio show (SOULFOOD Radio Planet Berlin - 2017 to 2018).

Since 2019, she has her monthly PodCast on issues, named above in her topic list.

Since 2020, she has her own column, therby talking to personalities about their approach towards spirituality.

She still performs in readings and reading concerts in the German-speaking area (since 2013). 

Since more than 20 years, Andrea Riemer has been a coach on mindfulness and consciousness within the framework of self-leadership and leadership. She thereby offers her rich and varied leadership experience.

She offers her consulting work in German and in English.


For an extensive CV in English, including professional step-stones, publications, lectures, a record of teaching, and artistic activities please contact: office@andrea-riemer.de